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  Model Accord Telemagic

Range I

103, 104, 105, 106
103 upgradable to 104 with F-1 card
105 upgradable to 106 with F-1 card

Range II 205, 206 207, 208, 308, 309
  Model AX30 & AX200

  Put any Caller ID Phone on Extn. and see on display: - External CLI No. Internal Extn. No.(Intercom)
  Even if the call is transferred from non CLI phone, CLI is transferable on Extensions.
  Incoming Call(s) are automatically stored in buffer.
Caller ID at PC :
  Display of incoming calls on PC in addition to missed calls and call billing details through serial port.
CLI at Operator Console :
  CLI display of incoming calls
  Continuous display of CLI number during full conversation or the latest call.
CLI in Call Printout :
Get all incoming Nos. in printout along-with:
  Calling Phone / Mobile No. / DOSA call
  Call time
  Talk time duration
  Unanswered / Missed Calls
  Printout Options of Incoming Calls:
    Individual Trunk wise
    Individual Extn. wise
The performance of the CLI feature depends on quality of CLI signals received from City Exchange (Conditions Apply).

Capacity :
AX-30 3+8 expandable upto 6+24 with 1 paging port
AX-200 (40M) 4+16 expandable upto 8+32 with 1 paging port
AX-200 (56M) 4+16 expandable upto 8+48 with 1 paging port
  Model ADX-400 & ADX-600

Capacity :
24 to 248 Ports
72 to 504 Ports , 96 to 1000 Ports,128 to 1500 Ports
  Basic Model
  Medium Model
  Advance Model
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